Some pictures of our last day with the elusive carp. Still a bit early in the year. When the weather warms up a bit more to over 100 degress, things should pick up.

Here is Bourbon King on the stalk!

Perserverence pays off!

TJT, not to be out done, is on the books with his take.

The hydrilla is quite thick in places. Makes for good fish populations..... :)

Here are a couple of pictures of a rather large White Amur I took a few years back in southwestern AZ . I don't know how heavy he was but I could not hold him up with one hand! The canal was about 30' accross as I recall, & he had a hard time making "U" turns.... :)

Here I am with the Amur. Guess I forgot in the excitement of the moment & presented the dirty side to the camera.

My guide, confederate, & legendary lawman, Bourbon King, holding up a better side for the camera.

Yes, this is my largest to date!

A nice 25 - 30 pound Common Carp